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Almost Over

Monday is almost over for me and work and I haven't come on here to complain yet...I don't

Anyway, World Cup hockey is on and I had the TIVO record the Czech Rep. Vs. Finland game for me...I don't know who won so SHHHH!!!

Who on here thought that "Vote or Die" slogan was a little harsh for the type of crowd that was watching the VMA's last night? *raises hand* I did!!! Unnecessary to use those words...And I was also disturbed by one of the FrankenTwins holding her finger up and shushing the crowd...I believed they paid their money and could make noise if they wanted...I don't know...It rubbed me wrong.

I wish Christina would go back to look really HOT like all my friends on here are :) She needs to quit experimenting and just do the long striaght hair with the streaks in it...It looked better...that girl can really sing though right?

I know this will make some of you mad...I can't stand Jay-Z...he acted liked the show revolved around him...I remember when that dude was just a "back-up" rapper just bobbing his head up and down in the background...Listen Jay-z loser...You aren't the gift to rap music, so quit acting like it or I will get L.L. to stomp you.

I have a bigger fish tank now...It is 110 gallons and I have more sfish too...I have been completely taken over by fish...I have three tanks now???? I don't know why I have gone crazy like this...I have pictures of the new tank...I will post them in a few days after I take a few other pics I want to post.

I hope all of you ladies are doing ok...It seems like alot of depression is lurking around here...I give free hugs if anyone needs them...Oh and I know how to make homemade ice cream too :) <3
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I hate xtina now =) She was so much better before, now shes just cheesy. I hope Marilyn Monroe haunts her lol.

I wanna see your fishtank...that sounds dirty? in a weird scary way lol ;) <33
She was soooo much better before...I knew I should have sexed her up before she got all crazy and stuff :)

Oh don't worry, you will see my tank and my eel ;)
lmfao I knew I shoulda sexxxxed her up before she went all 1950's on me ;) She's probably reverting back to a virgin til marriage too...

Tanks & eels....oh how hot is that...I'm not gonna go any further just so no one thinks i'm into beastiality =/ lol
I knew WE should have sexxxxxed her up before all of this
OMG how hot would that be? Me, You & Xtina? she would've liked tied us together or something ;)
LMFAO!!!!!!!!! "and my eel" <3 lol
thats so funny you mentioned pdiddys pathetic slogan
we were talking about that in COLLEGE [hahaha im cool] today.. i had advertising&promotion & my proff was saying what a stupid thing it is for him to say.. theres so many other ways he could have said 'vote' lol
homemade icecream? for real?
I am glad some other people agree...What was that suppose to scare people into voting?? It is suppose to be a choice...Pdiddy is stupid anyway...Him and Bruce are still fucked up because Demi and J-Lo ditched them...lmao

And yep...I make homemade Ice Cream...dude I have Skeelz if you didn't know <3
i didn't even subject myself to the ridiculousness that was the vma's. but thanks to you and miss ali i got a complete review anyway hehe.

i have a hard time with pop music. i'm really torn. like i love britney, but i also have huge issues with the way she, and all the other pop stars for that matter, feel the need to constantly reinvent themselves. i think it's just stupid. be who you are, ya know? isn't it supposed to be about the music??

i'm not terribly down lately but i'll pretend to be for hugs and ice cream ;)

omg am i slacking? lol :P

yeh .. anyhow, i was wondering where you were monday!
i didnt see christina the other nite.. she really that bad? omg she cant be .. i love her!

fish! blah. so boring! LMFAO ... yay post pics :P even if it is of your boring fish! LMFAO

yeh everyone is feeling down these days, huh? .. i want a free hug! :D OMG OMG OMG, ice cream! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you know how much i love ice cream! oh man! :P lol <333