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XM Radio...might be cool.

Hey there!!

I hope you guys are ok and had fun this weekend!

Now on to the shit...I had a boat and now I don't...I had a boat for about four years...It was a 19 ft. Stratos Bass boat. Well, it sat in storage for almost two years and I had to pay 97.50 a month on storage fees. Also, it got to where the carpet was getting dry rotted and same with the seats. The boats was fast for skiing and I caught many fish off of it. I let it go for $500...yep, $500 bucks only...I didn't need it anymore and didn't plan on putting the effort to get it back to tip top shape...Some lucky individual got them a steal on Bass Boat...They are happy.

Now, with the $500 bucks I figured I would just go spend it ALL!!! I went to Best Buy and got a Roady 2 XM receiver by Delphi. I got it home around 7:00Pm and I tried to get it activated by calling, but the place was closed. I then read a little more in the instructions and see that I can activate online. I logged on and started up my account and it was suppose to be ready in an hour. Well, after three hours I went to bed so I could work today. Anyway, I called the dudes today to see the deal and they said my request didn't process(No SHIT?) So, when I get home I can see if it is hooked up.
Oh you may confused...I have the thing hooked up in my living room...I had to by an AC to DC converter so I can plug the cigarette adaptor from the XM to my wall outlet and hooked the XM right to my surround sound system. I hope it works tonight. you later...I have some radioactive shit I need to go play with.
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