shoots_hescores (shoots_hescores) wrote,


Hey LAdies(say it like the Beastie Boys)

Well, I am off to the weekend and will probably hook up the BBQ and the beer...mmmm a tasty jolly drunken FAT time!!! I don't think much else will come about because I got a boring life like that, but I am sure I will get my hockey fix on the PS2 and probably end up buying a couple more of those shitten fish...I don't even know how much money I have invested in those goofy things.

Oh and one more thing...I think I figured out why dudes don't reply to me when I post something witty to a comment they make in "My Lady friend's Journals" I think that they think I am trying to snatch you all up and they don't like it. I don't even have any game so I don't think they should worry.

Hope you ladies have a safe and fun weekend and I will talk to you later

<3 Lee
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