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Old School Me

Go to They have a three day trial of the stations by just using a e-mail addy. I have been listening to OLD SCHOOL rap on XM channel 65 "The Rhyme" and XM 64 "The Groove" We all have our phases and at that time I listened to alot of rap as well as all the 80's stuff and hair band stuff...I listened to it all. A teenage surfer in Cali who loved almost everything in music except country. FREE IS COOL

Anyway, check out those two channels and imagine me listening to it and laugh or something. Just pop in on them every once in awhile and see if something catches your ear and let me know.

I know there is a station for Heidi that plays Oingo Boingo and I know Bianca likes some older R&B slow/love songs there is a channel for that and Amy can probably find some kind of song to help her do her running thing. Lindsay, you listen to all the stuff because that is your punishment <3

I have a little complex now. I am paranoid that I have a Southern accent. I shouldn't have one. Being born in Michigan and growing up in Florida and Cali shouldn't give me an accent. Heidi revealed it to me when I did a little deal she posted in her journal that had us leave a voicemail for her.(cool idea by the way) It's ok though, I hope it passes and I will talk normal again...lmao

Oh and WOW...I updated

<3 you all.

EDIT: 62 is the slow song one...I am so clubbin at work...13 and half may be time to go
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